MideastIII is dawning, get ready to greet it

The Old Middle East was one of the peoples and populations of the land living on it under strict and rigorous rules. It used to have a certain definitive form and shape.

In terms of shape, it has, for over 100 years now,  retained the designdrawn by the Sykes-Pico treaty.

And in terms of essence, the old Middle East used to have a major national head supported by three “necks,” namely Syria, Egypt and Iraq.

This Orient, especially the Levant,  is immortal: Gamal Abdul Nasser tried to kill it in order to midwife a more conducive New Middle East, but  failed.

Saddam Hussein  wanted to solely earn the “honor” of killing the old Middle East. He ended up with his own head severed off.

Only the Syrian neck is left to support the big head of the entire Old Middle East.

The United States decided to step in and deal a knock-out blow to the old Middle East. The intention was to severe off the Syrian neck in order to build up its “New Middle East”.

To do so, the “Arab Spring” was the tactic of choice deployed on the battlefield. It was meant to chop off the Syrian head with a Syrian axe, falsely named “the Syrian Revolution.

”The axe of political Islam is ploughing its way through the Orient to devastate the Old Middle East. No wonder, as theUS-charted“New Middle East” has been specifically tailored to fit this axe in size and shape: A blood-dripping sectarian map of so many religions, religious sects, ethnicities and a lot of conflicts.

The direct conflict with Syria has fully destroyed both the Old and the New Middle Easts.

But from the ashes of these two ruined Middle Easts,  a third one has risen; a completely different Middle East III.

Britain and France have had charted the divided and fragmented Old Middle East through their “Sykes-Picot” treaty.

But the now rising 3rd Middle East has been carefully sculptured by Syria, Russia and Iran. China, too, might have a certain role to play in its design.

The Syrian role would be  pioneering par excellence, because Syria has emerged victorious.

The Syrian victory would reverberate through Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Gulf and its effect would go as far as  North Africa.

We are all waiting for the arrival of the 3rd Middle East. To learn about its foreseeable features, you have only to check out the statement given by President Assad to a Kuwaiti newspaper foretelling the world that Syria is coming back to lead the Arab World, because Syria is the mother of the 3rd Middle East.

Syria would have the greatest share in the evolving Middle East.

So do not grieve the outgoing Orient which passed away.

Get ready to greet a New Middle East about to arrive carrying along in the luggage many mysteries of the dawning era, with the signatures of President Assad, President Vladimir Putin, Sayed Ali Khamenei and Sayed Hassan Nasrullah, besides the signatures of thousands of martyrs as well as the Sokhoi, the S-300 and beyond the S-300.

Author: Naram Sargon.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts


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