The Birth of a Post-Western World

By : Thierry Meyssan

Preparing for the UN General Assembly session, the United Nations Administration had been hoping for a clash between the pro- and the anti-Trump camps during the General Assembly.

What actually happened was very different. The verbal clash between Trump and Macron was settled on the fourth day with the intervention of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who announced the birth of a post-Western world.

Going back to the key issues that matter, namely the reasons behind our current problems, Lavrov announced: On the one hand, we see the reinforcement of the polycentric principles of the world order.

We see the aspiration of the world peoples to preserve their sovereignty and work with models of development compatible with their national, cultural and religious identities.

On the other, we see the desire of several Western states to preserve their self-proclaimed status as “world leaders” by trying  to slow down or even impede the objective and irreversible process towards the establishment of multi-polarity.

Lavrov went as far as drawing a parallel with the Munich Agreements of 1938. At that time, France and Britain were in alliance with Germany and Italy.

This event is still being remembered today in Western Europe as an act of cowardice on the part of France and Britain faced with the demands of the Nazis.

However, it remains engraved in the Russian memory as the decisive step that triggered the Second World War. While Western historians seek to decide who took this decision and who followed the movement, Russian  historians note only one thing: That none of the Western Europeans assumed  their responsibilities.

Extending his study, Lavrov  denounced not only the infringements on the Law, as President Hassan Rouhani explained, but also the transgression on the international structures.

He denounced the attempts to control the UN Administration and force it to assume the role that should be played by member states to eventually use the UN General Secretariat to manipulate these member states.

He observed that Westerners attempt to force world peoples to enter into military alliances against their will. They even threaten certain states who wish to choose their partners themselves.

He concluded that all this Western disorder did not prevent the rest of the world from cooperating and developing.

He cited the successful example of the Greater Eurasian Partnership mentioned at the Valdai Forum in 2016 by President Putin to complete Chinese President Xi’s “Belt and Road Initiative”.

This initiative which at first was given a chilly reception by China is now supported by the Collective Security Treaty, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States, BRICS, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Counter propositions by Australia, Japan and the European Union were still-born.

While Western representatives have the habit of announcing their projects in advance, Russian diplomats only speak of them when they are already under way and are sure to succeed.

To sum it up, the strategy of the containment of Russia and China has failed and the world’s center of gravity is being shifted to the East, not against the Westerners by their own faults.

The source: Al-Watan newspaper

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