The American Dream in Lebanon – How Can the US Take Lebanon out of Hezbollah’s Hands

The publications of the American and Israeli research centers and their allies conclude that Hezbollah cannot be defeated in any war except through continuing psychological warfare and domestic pressure. As for the psychological plan, it depends on the following:

  1. To get closer to officials in Hezbollah through businessmen and expatriates and link the interests of those officials with the financiers.

  2. To weaken the people supporting Hezbollah by preventing any services from being developed in their areas with the help of the US allies in the Lebanese government and the unchangeable deep State.

  3. To impose a financial embargo on the supporters of the resistance by putting the expatriates under pressure to turn them into agents and those who do not comply will be listedonthe sanction list.

  4. To underminethe Lebanese interests owned by the supporters of the Resistance in Lebanon and abroad.

  5. To target Mr. Hassan Nasrallah with strong rumors aimed at undermining his credibility.

  6. To exploit religious figures who oppose corruption with their knowledge or by directing them with the help of their agents.

  7. To infiltrate villages and create familial and partisan problems between Amal and Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement led by Michel Aoun and Hezbollah.

  8. To strengthen, fund and protect gangs with the help of officers in the Lebanese apparatuses to keep the areas supporting Hezbollah in a state of chaos and rampant insecurity.

  9. To cut off electricity in specific areas more than others.

  10. To eliminate social integration by employing ten thousands of young people in civil society associations funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and European countries or directly by Israel and the US.

  11. To combat any attempts by Hezbollah to eliminate corruption and accomplish any achievements in this regard.

How can the Resistance confront these US-Israeli plans?

By making use of the Syrian-Lebanese borders to revitalize the Beqaa region, imposing employment quotas in the State for its supporters and ensuring the development of Beqaa and southern regions through big industrial projects.

By: Hussein Murtada



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