Daily Archives: Sunday October 28th, 2018

Sonntag Blick: Swiss bombs sold to the UAE reached the hands of “ISIS” in Syria

Sonntag Blick reported that researches revealed that the bombs which ISIS owns was previously sold to UAE by Switzerland. The newspaper said that a group of armed men affiliated to” Sham Liberation” has attacked ISIS’s sites in Idlib northern Syria and confiscated bombs, explosive belts and rifles. According to the newspaper, among other things, the “Sham Liberation” exhibited there were ...

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(6) Habits to avoid while travelling by Air

This is a set of tips to avoid misconduct while travelling by plane, as reported by the Independent Traveller website: Do not sleep: As the plane take off or lands, air pressure changes faster than air inside the ear, causing discomfort. The passenger can avoid this feeling by relieving air pressure by chewing gum or taking deep inhalation and exhalation ...

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