Sonntag Blick: Swiss bombs sold to the UAE reached the hands of “ISIS” in Syria

Sonntag Blick reported that researches revealed that the bombs which ISIS owns was previously sold to UAE by Switzerland.

The newspaper said that a group of armed men affiliated to” Sham Liberation” has attacked ISIS’s sites in Idlib northern Syria and confiscated bombs, explosive belts and rifles.

According to the newspaper, among other things, the “Sham Liberation” exhibited there were Swiss hand grenades of type OHG92 and HG85 trace to Swiss companies, according to research conducted by the newspaper, these bombs were made by the “Federal Company” RUAG “which sells these bombs to the UAE, so how did these grenades reach the hands of ISIS in Syria?!

Early in 2012, pictures of Swiss hand grenades appeared in the hands of al-Qaeda fighters in Syria.

Investigations conducted by the Swiss authorities revealed that UAE illegally sent some of the grenades to Jordan, and from there they were illegally transported to the Syrian territory.

In this context, despite all the protests, the Swiss Federal Council is increasingly under attack, and its plan to allow the easing of the rules for the export of war materials and the delivery of weapons to the countries of the civil war in the future has faced fierce resistance.

Politicians deep inside the bourgeois camp are critical of the project. For them, the expansion of exports is not in line with Swiss human traditions.

  • Source: Sonntag Blick


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