(6) Habits to avoid while travelling by Air

This is a set of tips to avoid misconduct while travelling by plane, as reported by the Independent Traveller website:

  • Do not sleep: As the plane take off or lands, air pressure changes faster than air inside the ear, causing discomfort. The passenger can avoid this feeling by relieving air pressure by chewing gum or taking deep inhalation and exhalation while keeping the mouth open, which requires the passenger to be awake to do so.

  • Not to stay in the same place throughout the trip: Slow blood circulation (due to low air pressure in the plane) may lead to blood clots in the legs, so the traveller must change his/her sitting position every now and then, and to continue to move his legs especially on long trips.

  • Do not drink soft drinks: As a result of changes in air pressure inside the plane, gases may be generated in the passenger’s body at a rate of 25 % higher than the normal rate. Due to the fact that soft drinks also lead to the generation of gases, it is recommended to avoid drinking them because they may exacerbate the problem and increase its effects.

  • Avoid repeated touch of the table and seatbelt: The highest level of contamination of harmful bacteria was found to be in the small dining tables in the plane. This is what researchers have found after taking samples from different places of planes belonging to three airlines. Therefore, it is preferable to use sterile tissue paper to clean the table and seatbelt before using them and avoid excessive contact.

  • Drink water and fluids: Because of the dry air inside the plane, the passenger’s body might lose moisture as he/she exhale. Breathing in high places could also cause dehydration. So, it is preferable to drink a glass of water as soon as the plane starts to takeoff, and to regularly drink juices and fluids during the flight.

  • Avoid drinking coffee or tea: The researchers found that 12 % of the planes’ water contains bacteria, but many travellers are unaware of that, so they often make coffee and tea using the tap water of the plane.

Source: “alsamim.com”

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