Putin and the “Jewish file” in Russia, and his position on the relationship with Israel

By : Salam al-Obidi

The Jews and Putin: Much has been written about the Jews of Russia for nearly two decades since former Soviet intelligence officer Vladimir Putin appeared at the face of the Russian political scene.

But before making any judgment or finding any conclusion about Putin’s relationship with the Jews and Israel, the following facts must be noted:

  • Vladimir Putin is a former Soviet intelligence officer at (KGB) that regarded Israel as an enemy and an effective tool in the grip of global imperialism; while regarded Soviet Jews as an appropriate environment for the fifth column that serves Zionist plans.

  • Putin began his service as an officer in the anti-espionage department, and he almost certainly collided with Jewish that were spies and collaborators with the West.

  • Putin personally confronted the destructive activities of representatives of the “Jewish lobby” in state institutions and media.

Has Putin’s truce with the “Jewish lobby” ended? In his letter to the Russian Federal Assembly on March 1, Putin revealed to the world the factors of Russia’s power: invincible and superfast missiles, unmanned and invisible submarines, laser guns and other weapons being developed in Russia based on new physical principles.

Putin sought to postpone the confrontation with the natural opponents of Russia, maintaining a truce with them, but Russia’s intervention in Syria came as an embodiment of its return to the region strongly to achieve strategic balance with the coalition of Western countries, which naturally includes the Israeli entity and in this sense, “Israel” the Branch – the spoiled son of America the origin – is a potential adversary rather than a natural partner, thus , logically ending the truce with the origin automatically means ending the truce with the branch.

The “IL-20” incident revealed much of what was forbidden to be decided regarding the relationship between Moscow and Tel Aviv.

The tone of the Russian official discourse, whether in the statements of the Ministry of Defense or in the statements of the Foreign Ministry, has shown the truth.

The anger over Israel’s actions and the resentment of Moscow’s tolerance with it have reached the limits. There are those who wonder why the truce should be maintained with those who do not respect the truce and do not intend to abide by it.

Source: almayadeen.net

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