The American Project to Reproduce Terrorism

By: Dr. Ahmed Hajj Ali

Apparently, thisstage of the conflict is moving towards the reproduction of terrorism with its dimensions and terms of reference. The purpose behind that is to keep terrorism settled in Syria and promote the harsh condition as a kind of addiction to destruction, shedding blood and plundering properties. This would consequently result in making the state appear as a failed state.

This deduction is used in the context of the same process of reproducing terrorism. The issue has its circumstances and details;it is not an additional factor or emergency option, but it is the story of the aggression against Syria with its components, objectives, tools and the modalitiesin which such aggression is conducted. Hence, the following points must be confirmed at this stage:

  1. The aggression with all its contents and forces is a factor deeply rooted in the Western Zionist policies. Furthermore, the mechanisms, priorities and stages of implementation of this aggression may be amended. However, the aggression is revived and confirmed. As in depth, it is an organic pattern in the structure of the Colonial West, and it is a structural goal established with the Western civilization, spread with its expansions and became a method, a means and a target in itself in a single context.This organic association developedtherefrom between current terrorism and the colonial Powers, especially America-Britain-France trio. It is the state of return to the colonial formation, which brought these countriestogether. Likewise, the current terrorism is a trend towards stabilizing the West’s economic, technological and cultural positions on the moving time line, on the one hand, and deep into the implicit and the explicit policies on the other hand.

  2. The colonial West was able to produce a new version originally derived from the very colonial essence. Thus, terrorism became the extension of the Westall around the world. Throughthe intensification of this extension in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Egypt, the West has founded arms that accomplish the acts of killing and destruction.These arms were launched deep into the Syrian homeland or the Iraqi homeland. Individuals, groups and segments from the national inland were thus drawn in a clear attempt to falsify the facts and cover up the situation, which is considered an internal movementin spite of its necessity. However, colonialism created terrorism, obstructed dialogue and destroyed the foundations and rules of renewal and reconsideration through popular will.

  1. Western Zionist colonialism also created its barbaric arms within the Syrian homeland, and resorted to the creation of a religious, cultural and ideological structure through usurping Islam and falsifying its teachings,Spreading dangerous calls and inciting confessional and sectarian strife within Syria. This, in their opinion, is whatprovides the legitimate cover of the terrorism epidemic, turning it from a murderous and barbarous material into something similar to the intellectual and psychological structure that some people adopt here and there within the nation. In the origin of this trend, the West believes that it is making the legitimacy of its current and future aggression through counterfeiting and creating poisonous intellectual environments.



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