The right contempt in the right place….Khashoggi isn’t Guevara

By: Naram Sargon

Despite my respect for the presence of death and my defiance of insulting any dead even if it was my enemy, I was not able to respect the exaggeration in glorifying the departed and dressing the clothes of the righteous while they do not deserve it…

The more glorifying increases and exceeds the limits, the more it becomes an abuse and a heaviness on the conscience.. Sadly, did the killing of Khashoggidid nothing but increasing my contempt of the Western conscience.

Because this great amount of hypocrisy and mentioning the virtues of the dead as if he was Guevara ,and all these anger , punishments and muscle-show in the case of Khashoggi ,all of this is not to insult Saudi Arabia or because the death of Khashoggihad touched the conscience of the free world .. we all know that the conscience of the free world is made of stone and is wearing shields of steel that can’t penetrated by the small needles of the lost lives of children and innocents.

All this attention, care and loud-voiced conscience,did not appear until after the death of a trivial man .. whose words were trivial ,and so was his history.. Nothing special in him,he had no value to be mentioned except that he used to write in the Zionist ” Washington Post” ..

It is clear that all the rivals are throwing at each other parts of his body and making of his bones knives to kill the dairy cow.

Each throws his opponent with a piece of Khashoggi to hit him dead ..Erdogan is throwing Khashoggi’s body on bin Salman and his father ..while competitors of Trump pick up some parts and throw them on him on the basis that he is cooperating with the Salmans in Saudi Arabia .. besides, all the West is running quickly to pick up a piece of Khashoggi and throw it at one of its opponents or attach it to the human rights shrinelike the shirt of Othman .. and the funny thing is that all is demanding accountability for the new rule because it violated the taboo .. As if the alternatives were better or that the previous was more rational.

Let us not forget that the rule of Abdullah brought the massacres in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. And the rule of Fahd brought the storms of the desert and the killing of the Iraqis that started from his land and his own money.

The world sleeps among bodies scattered along the whole Arab land. Bab al – Mandabhas turned to red due to the Yemeni blood in Hodeidah and others .. But nothing moved the conscience of the world except the blood ofKhashoggi..a trivial man who weighs 35 million Yemenis and millions of Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians and Libyans.. so if the felling of justice stems from having a half- truth, then nothing is better than putting the right contempt in the right place. Everything in this story is despicable until the end ..the murdered, the murderer , the mourner, the wailer , the hangman ,the court ,the referee and the spokesman .. and all this hypocritical lying world…



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