Erdogan …As Smart As Bait

Written by: Dr .Ali al-Shoaibi

Erdogan tries to play it smart, he works on the Syrian soil as if none of the Syrian leadership, army or people know what lies behind his presence, and now, he even tries to play it smart on the Russian not only the Syrian.

But what he doesn’t know is that his cover is very obvious from Al-Bab to Manbij and West Euphrates, and what helps him is the Kurdish stupidity that is inlaid with the test of the American treachery. Erdogan changes his color like a poisonous chameleon in front of the Syrians whether they are from the good ones or the traitors, besides , his political reality has become like a vitiligo that spreads in his malicious political body.

Syrians who fled the hell of war and lived on the border or in the border cities such as Orfa , Gaziantep or Kilis caught him red handed and the lollipop he offers to them is no longer useful as they formed the buds of Syrian national consciousness again and returned to the Syrian media, thus, Erdogan’s intelligences are giving him the new picture of the Syrian, and that’s why these intelligences are looking for any pretext or reason to clash with the Syrians, and facts say that there were many Syrian victims in Orfa that Turks have clashed with them and closed their small businesses, even some Syrians were put to jail in Orfa as news said, while “smart as bait ” Erdogan wipes the beards of terrorists in Atarib and Anadan ,and stirs the Turkist Islamic Party along with those who embraced it from terrorists that fled to it to join the so-called “Free Army” , Erdogan did this hoping to win the lottery and take Idlib, as if Putin is oblivious to his treachery, and so are Iran and Hezbollah.

Meanwhile the West hits his drums and trumpets whenever the Syrian Arab Army moves, and of course the White Helmets are always there to turn  the West against it.

After along blurred night, Erdogan felt like the whole world is his, his arrogance took him to believe that he can control the constitutional committee and that he could foist whatever he wants in the Syrian constitution to achieve his goals of giving birth to” justice and development” from Al-Bab to Manbaj and Idlib.

But then he suddenly woke up realizing that he was day dreaming , and that all his games are exposed to the Syrian leadership, and that no matter how hard he tries to conceal his claws; Syria’s allies can still see them, all he can do now is to live day by day and wait to see where the next step of Assad will be!.

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