What is the useofhorses when knights pass away?

Once upon a time, an Arabian knight was crossing the desert riding his steed. He came across alost and thirstyman. The man asked the knight to give him some water, so he did.

The man remained silent for a while;accordingly, the knight sensed that the man was embarrassedto requestto ride with him.

Therefore,he asked, “Would you like to ride with me; I’ll take you to a place where you can find housing and shelter?”

“You are a generous man, thank you. I wanted to request that but my shyness prevented me”,said the man. The knight smiled.

After that,the man tried to ascent but he was not able to, “I am not a knight, I am not used to riding horses”, said the man.

The knight was compelled to dismount in order to help the man riding the steed. As soon as the man mounted the steed; he goaded it and fled like a professional knight.

The knight realized that he was robbed, thus he shouted out loud: “listen to me, listen to me”.Thethief felt that the call of the knight seemed different from others who sought his sympathy, so he said from afar,”what is the matter?”

“I beg you not to tell anyone about what you did”, said the knight.

“Are you afraid for your reputation though you are going to die?” said the thief.

“No, but I am afraid for goodness and favor to be lost among people”, the knight replied,

“O’ stableman,go to the steeds for you have to slay…

What is the useofhorses whenknights pass away?”.



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