Revolutionary Experience Reveals the Secret of Our Vision of the World in Color!

Johns Hopkins University researchers developed a human retinaby using stem cells in a revolutionary experiment that reveals how to see the world around us in color.The study, published in the Science Journal, aimed at determining how to make cells responsible for seeing color, which can lead to radical treatments for eye diseases, such as color blindness and so on.

“Everything we study is like normal eye growth in a laboratory dish, where we have a model system that you can manipulate without studying humans directly,” said Robert Johnston, a developmental biologist at Johns Hopkins University.The research team created the human eye tissue they needed, using stem cells. They focused on cells that allow people to see blue, red, and green, the cone-optic light receptors in the human eye.

For months, when cells grew in the laboratory and became complete retinal tissue, the team found that blue cells were first stimulated, followed by cells detected for red and green laminates. Researchers found that the secret of this process was the reduction and flow of thyroid hormone. The level of this hormone is not controlled by the thyroid, but by the eye itself.By understanding how the amount of thyroid hormone was responsible for detecting blue or red cells and green receptors, researchers were able to manipulate the result, creating laboratory retinas.

It can be said that these findings explain why newborns, who have low levels of thyroid hormone, suffer from a higher rate of vision disorders.

In the future, researchers want to use sophisticated techniques to learn more about color vision and the mechanisms involved in creating other areas of the retina.

Source: Daily Mail



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