Which Capital is the BesiegedOne, Damascus or Amman?

The writer “Abdel Bari Atwan” talked about the state of happiness and relief that filled the Jordanian communities as a result of opening Nasib Border Crossing.

The northern Jordanian governorates, especially Ramtha and Irbid, are witnessing unprecedented celebrations where citizens congratulated one another and fired in the air to express their happiness with this decision,which primarily comes in line with their strong national and political feelings towards the Syrian neighbors.In addition to the inevitable recovery of the economic conditions after seven lean years of estrangement…

The Jordanian citizens began to flow in thousands with their cars to Syria every day, and return astonishedby the prosperity and stable security that the Syrian capitalenjoys, and the remarkable drop in prices.

That one of the Jordanian citizens said: “having visited Damascus, met its people, checked its stores, seen its crowded restaurants which serve their customers till 3 in the morning, and noticed the decline in commodities’ prices for less than half compared to their Jordanian counterparts; I started to wonder, which capital is the besieged one, Damascus or Amman?”

We are well aware that there are people in Syria embittered towards Arabs and Arabism who failed their country.However, they are still reassured since the Syrian government still believes and adheres to the same Arab nationalistic positions,transcendsabove all the wounds, gives an example of tolerance, and holds on to the Arab noble principles and morals, the writer continued.

Jordan and Lebanon are the greatest beneficiaries of opening the Jordanian-Syrian borders.This step will yield about 400 Million Dollars annually for the Jordanian treasury, creating thousands of jobs for Jordanian drivers and their trucks.Most importantly, Jordanian citizens will save tens of Millionsof Dollars due to the Syrian tourism services which are of good quality and low cost, compared with the other tourist destinations of the Jordanian citizens,such as Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon.In addition to the drop of foodstuff and meat prices in Syria,that is currently known as “shopping” tourism.

Syria is recovering quickly and it will be the main locomotive of the recovery of our nation and the confrontation of many other conspiracies aimed against it; it’s the fate of our nation and we don’t think it will evade it.



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