Idleb and the city of Tyre

History says that upon his victory in Hittin in 1187, Saladin al-Ayoubi allowed the knights of all the regions he has liberated to go to the city of  Sur (also know as Tyre or Tire). This was done at their own request.

They thought that this port city would serve as a gateway for unhindered communications with Europe and through it they would continue to receive arms, supplies and logistical support.

And since terrorists, both old and new, namely the medieval Crusaders/Franks and the modern political Islam terrorists, read from the same text book and think in the same terrorist way, the contemporary terrorists preferred to go to Idleb and assemble around a Satanist talking in the name of Islam.

They think that their proximity with Turkey would provide them with two things: constant supplies from Turkey and the Europeans and a gateway to flee through to Turkey and Europe at the time of defeat.

They better remember what has happened in Sur/Tyre back during that time. Should not they?

Few weeks after liberating al-Quds (Jerusalem), Saladin headed to Tyre to liberate it killing all those who have been allowed to go there. Laying siege to the city, he noticed that the garrisons there were getting supplies from Europe.

So he wasted no time. He took a different path and started to proceed to all the cities and castles still left  in the hands of the Franks and began to liberate them one after the other, taking advantage of their vulnerability following the liberation of Jerusalem. Thus he liberated all towns, villages and fortresses.

And in spite of the third Crusaders campaign, Saladin liberated  so many towns and castles leaving Tyre for a while. Then he turned around and liberate it when time was appropriate. Are we going to do the same and liberate Raqqa and East Euphrates…..?

By:  Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi– Damascus

Translated into English by (Syrianfacts).



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