Changes in the US policy

By : Thierry Meyssan

Moscow has not only given the Syrian Arab Army anti-aircraft missiles S-300, but has also deployed an entire integrated surveillance system. Confident of Syria’s strength now, the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mouallemdemanded from the UN General Assembly’s podium all foreign US, French and Turkish forces of occupation to leave Syria immediately and unconditionally.

Earlier, President Trump has announced that he intends to withdraw US troops from Syria.

He went back on this decision under pressure from the Pentagon, then agreed with his Generals  to maintain pressure on Damascus as long as the United States were excluded from the peace negotiations in Sochi peace talks.

The deployment of the Russian missiles – for which the White House had probably given a green light – provided President Trump with an opportunity to force the Pentagon back off.

It would have to withdraw its troops, but it could maintain the presence of its mercenaries (the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces/ SDF).Wisdom would dictate that once the war is lost, the aggressors should withdraw. But the intellectual disposition of the West prevents them from doing so. The war here will cease only when they find a new bone to gnaw on.

Only the United Kingdom has given its response any thought.

It is clear by now that although London maintains its diplomatic pressure on Syria via the Small Group, its attention is already focused on the revival of the ‘Grand Game’ which saw the British Crown confront the Tsar throughout all of the 19th century. This geopolitical doctrine is independent of the events which serve as  pretexts.

The ‘Grand Game’ was the strategy of the British Empire. Its resumption by the current United Kingdom is the consequence of Brexit and the policy of  ‘Global Britain’. Just as in the 19th century, this anti-Russian configuration will lead in time to an exacerbated rivalry between London and Paris.

The Westerners have no desire to see their friends, the ‘moderate rebels’, now qualified as ‘terrorists’, turn up in their countries en masse. Consequently, whether they admit it or not, they hope they will all be killed in Syria. If the US mid-term elections brought about a change in the US Congress majority, Trump might be forced to leave without delay, so that the Pentagon would have a free hand to pursue their ambitions.

It is the US mid-term elections which will decide whether the war continues in Syria or move on to another battle field.

The Source: Al-Watan daily

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