Daily Archives: Saturday November 10th, 2018

The Syrian School of Political Relations

Nasser Kandil wrote about the Syrian school of political relations which he considers as “difficult to be grasped for politicians who view politics with what they knew through their alliances; where virtues cease, respect demises, blackmail prevails, malice, deception and conspiracyare practiced on a daily basis”. The equation in Syria is quite simple, since the Syrian-Lebanese relationship is greater than ...

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Who is the Most Benefited from Opening Nasib Border Crossing?

Secretary-General of the Syrian-Lebanese Supreme Council Nasri Khoury affirmed that the amount of fees levied on Lebanese and non-Lebanese trucks passing through Nasib Border Crossing is a Syrian sovereign matter. A decision has been issued by the Syrian Minister of Transport amending the transit fees to match the current status of the Syrian pound against the US Dollars, where there ...

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Syrian Kurdish militias are targeted again by the Turkish artillery

The US support to theKurdish militias (YPG)is one of the disputes between Ankara and Washington.Indeed, these Kurdish militias are linked to the Workers’ Party of Turkish Kurdistan [PKK], causing a bloody rebellion in Turkey. Last winter, Operation “olive brunch”, launched by Syrian rebel groups, backed by Turkey, against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria, has greatly complicated actions ...

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