Daily Archives: Monday November 12th, 2018

Confirming an Interesting Theory about the Earth

Scientists have finally confirmed the theory that the Earth has a solid core after uncertainty lingered over the topic for more than 80 years. The issue has finally been put to bed by re-purposing a technique that was first used to measure the thickness of the Antarctic ice sheet. Researchers built a ‘fingerprint’ of our planet from the echoes of ...

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In 2018, the US intelligence budget reached $ 81.5 billion, a rise up to 11.6%

In 2018, US intelligence agencies will have benefited from a budget twice as large as that allocated to the French armed forces. According to official figures released on October 30, the United States spent $ 81.5 billion on its intelligence activities, up by 11.6% from 2017. This significant increase in intelligence funding is partly due to tensions with China and ...

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