Daily Archives: Tuesday November 13th, 2018

To you I write!

Written by: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi I write to you and I have written a lot about the deadly black ideas that were wrapped with darkness and cultural islands that were not related to the Great Islamic Island ;but were closer to the Jewish cultural islands. Ibn Taymiyyah , the man of such an island, grew up in Harran southeast of ...

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Crimean Russian Looking To Participate In the Reconstruction of Syria

Construction companies in Russia’s Crimea are looking to the Syrian market, which it sees as a promising market under the $ 400 billion reconstruction process. “If we talk about markets, Syria has a great place, and we plan to supply large quantities,” said Nikolai Sabronov, director general of the Crimean Development Corporation, on the sidelines of his participation in a ...

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The Hero Who Astounded the Entity of the Zionist Enemy

All the citizens of Tartus read his name on the female industrial school, and most of the doctors, engineers, workers and private business owners from AlZahra’a neighborhood in Homs have studied in the school of martyr Hasan Alkurdi. The martyr Hasan Alkurdi was born to a poor and hardworking family from Tall al-Turmus village in Safita district. He went with ...

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