Crimean Russian Looking To Participate In the Reconstruction of Syria

Construction companies in Russia’s Crimea are looking to the Syrian market, which it sees as a promising market under the $ 400 billion reconstruction process.

“If we talk about markets, Syria has a great place, and we plan to supply large quantities,” said Nikolai Sabronov, director general of the Crimean Development Corporation, on the sidelines of his participation in a construction exhibition in the Crimea.

On the advantages of supplying materials for construction of the Crimea, the official pointed to the enjoyment of building materials produced on the Russian peninsula at competitive prices, in addition to the possibility of shipping these materials by the sea, which is a cheap means of transport.

The war destroyed Syria’s infrastructure almost completely over the past years, and the Syrian government estimates the amount of funds needed to rebuild the infrastructure at about $ 400 billion.

Source: “Novosti”



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