Daily Archives: Wednesday November 14th, 2018

What is not being said about the quadrilateral summit on Syria in Istanbul?

According to the writer, Thierry Meyssan, The subject of the disagreement, which is not even mentioned in the communiqué, is the Syrian Constitution, adopted by referendum in 2012. And thatafter having thought about applying to Syria the federal model of ethnic Republics, Russia had to admit that the situation of Syria is completely different from its own. In Syria, the ...

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The Golan uprising is a victory for President Bashar Assad ?!

The Golan uprising was the most prominent event in the opinion of the Lebanese Al-Binaa. Despite the seriousness of what is happening in eastern Syria from handing over YPG controlled areas to the terrorist organization of “Da’ash” by an American decision, this uprising came in rejection of the local elections organized by the occupation and imposed on the Golan residents ...

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