What is the Use of Laws if we don’t have the Courage to Apply Them?

A law professor asked one of his students: what is your name? So the student answered him. However, the professor kicked him out with no apparent justification for doing so.

The student tried to defend himself but the professor interrupted him and forced him out of the auditorium. The student left filled with thesense of being aggrieved while the students remain silent.

After that, the professor began his lecture and asked the students: why were laws made? One of the students answered: to control people’s actions, another said: so they can be implemented, a third student answered: to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak.

The professor replied: very well; however, that’s not a sufficient answer. A student raised her hand and answered: so justice can be achieved. The professor said: correct! That is the key which can make justice prevail, now, what is the use of justice? A student answered: to protect people’s rights and not to oppress anyone.

The professor said: now answer me without being afraid, did I wrong your colleague when I kicked him out? They all replied: yes! The professor said angrily: then why did you remain silent and didn’t do anything?!

What is the use of laws if we don’t have the courage to apply them? If you remained silent when someone is oppressed and didn’t defend the truth, you would lose your humanity, and humanity is not negotiable matter. Then the professor called upon the student he kicked out earlier and apologized to him before all students and said: this is your lecture for today which you have to apply in your society as long as you live.



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