Daily Archives: Thursday November 15th, 2018

What to expect after all this waiting, Idleb?

All Syrian eyes are on post-Sochi. Terrorism, however is still stalling; one demon after another. Different names and brands, but the same terrorist ideology. Do not be fooled by the variety of names. The Arch Devil, the Seljuk Khazar Erdogan, is ruffling his feather and raising his synod while overseeing one terrorist faction after the other. He walks arrogantly. Intoxicated ...

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Save your mind, man! …It is not the Washington Post to blame

By Naram Sargon Do you know, since Khashoggi was murdered, how many Syrian civilianswere killed by one single US raid on Eastern Syria a few days ago? The answer is 63. Do you know how many Yemenis were killed in the recent massacre, since Khashoggi was killed? The answer is 23 Yemenis. These poor Yemenis were simply washing their local ...

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A modified Omani-sponsored “Deal of the Century”

The visit paid by the “Rotten” (the Arabic word for the first syllable of Netanyahu’s name) to the Sultanate (of Oman) was arranged by a man called Ronald Lubbers – an American Jew with close ties to  Netanyahu and is believes to be coordinating his moves with Jared Kushner, one way or another, Mohammad Sadek al-Husseini wrote. Lubbers has been ...

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