A modified Omani-sponsored “Deal of the Century”

The visit paid by the “Rotten” (the Arabic word for the first syllable of Netanyahu’s name) to the Sultanate (of Oman) was arranged by a man called Ronald Lubbers – an American Jew with close ties to  Netanyahu and is believes to be coordinating his moves with Jared Kushner, one way or another, Mohammad Sadek al-Husseini wrote.

Lubbers has been preparing for this meeting for over a month now without telling Al Saud about it nor consulting the move with them, because he thinks (even before the Khashoggi crisis) that Al Saud’s role in the region is about to be over and it would not take long for Saudi Arabia to disintegrate together with several other Gulf states due, foremost, to internal disputes and conflicts rather than any other reason.

Depicting a traditional custom known in the Levant, the architect of this meeting with the Sultan of Oman was vying to bring the Omanis on board.

He might have reasoned that the Omanis, with their mild nature and tactful manners,  would have a better chance than the rough Saudis in persuading the Palestinians to accept the Deal of the Century. Earlier, the tactless efforts of Ibn Salman have failed to impress the Palestinians or sway them into accepting the Deal.

To the contrary, these efforts whether in closed-doors meetings or through media means, have only made the Palestinians harder in their rejection of the Trump plan.

Some sources  confirm that during their meeting with the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority in Muscat on October 22, 2018, the Sultan of Oman and his Foreign Minister have suggested that Palestinians should resume direct negotiations with the Israelis, promising to try to convince Netanyahu accept some amendments on the project proposed by the US President under the title of “the Deal of the Century”.

According to these sources, the Omani track does not contradict the moves of either the US Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner or the so-called US Middle East Peace Envoy Jason Greenblatt. To the contrary, these efforts are going fully in line with this track. A bit milder approach with  a lower dose, somelocal anesthetics and a super intensive care room, the masterminds of the plan hope that the Sultanate of Oman would succeed in rescuing the  life of the dying patient, namely the Trump Deal known as “the Deal of the Century”.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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