What to expect after all this waiting, Idleb?

All Syrian eyes are on post-Sochi. Terrorism, however is still stalling; one demon after another. Different names and brands, but the same terrorist ideology.

Do not be fooled by the variety of names. The Arch Devil, the Seljuk Khazar Erdogan, is ruffling his feather and raising his synod while overseeing one terrorist faction after the other. He walks arrogantly. Intoxicated with own megalomania, he thinks that he can outdo all regional leaders, including the Russian Leader. He thinks that he is the global tailor who would cut the clothing and people would wear what he tailors for them( a local proverb meaning that he thinks that people would follow his advices without questioning).

Then came the issue of this wretched Khashoggi and he is on the media more than twice; once showing off his arrogance as a rooster ruffling his feather in front of the chicken factions and another time bragging about his predecessors Khazar Jews, while his (maternal) uncle Netanyahu is still silent.

The Syrians notice that Erdogan issues his orders to the terrorist factions. One of these factions would draw back, while another stubbornly refuses to budge because  they want to get more gains and get more of  the privileges he is offering them at the expense of Syrian Idleb and at the expense of our sacred sovereignty.

There is no need to analyze Erdogan’s character. His pompous walk tells about his arrogance and testifies that he is the tail that is not moved at the orders of the head, but rather he is the tail which triggers other sub-tails to move. He treads upon them here and there, but he is the master snobbish tail who has never cared for the blood of our martyrs nor to our land liberated by the dear blood of our sons.

The Syrians would not wait long. They are determined to liberate each and every inch of their sacred land. They have patiently endured a lot and they appreciate the patience of their friends and allies. It has been the same blood and will continue to be so.

Nothing would falter the resolve or weaken the rush. Hands are on the triggers and would not be scared by the White Helmets theatrics recited by their masters. The martyrs hear only the voices of their fellow martyrs. A land with so many martyrs and  guarded by  soldiers willing to offer their souls as martyrs for the sake of the homeland would surely be regained and retaken by own real owners, no matter how traitors  tried to take shelter by the their masters and no matter what more theatrics they might present. Theatrics would remain theatrics.

Our real blood is gushing all over the place with the sound of liberation bullets. It is only our consideration for our friends and allies that holds us back from taking this last step. They are patiently waiting for this deceitful player to see whether or not he would match words with deeds.

Authored by Dr. Ali Shoeibi



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