Daily Archives: Saturday November 17th, 2018

Research on the Origin of Peoples (1)

I am pleased to open this corner by talking about the origin of the Turks. Eighty-five percent of world’s Jews today are Seljuk Turks and people of Crimea who were born in the year seven hundred and seventy-four. The Turkish people are divided into six major tribes that are followed by many branches which are now often united; namely: Aghouz, ...

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Who is “ISIS”Next Victim?!

The American “National Interest” Magazinefor military and security affairs stated thatJordan may soon be ISISnext target; as safe haven to enhance the presence of its militants therein. The report author said thatalthough Jordanis a key US-ally in the fight against “ISIS”,the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanis exposed to serious danger… The Magazine pointed out that Jordan ranks as the third largest ...

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