Development of an Unhackable Quantum Internet

Researchers from Dutch “Qu Tech” firm published a detailed road map for developing the quantum internet that can destroy the data in case of hacking attempt.

The firm says that it is confident that it will meet its goal of completing the four-city quantum and safe network by 2020 despite huge technical obstacles preventing the tech from being scaled-up. Stephanie Wehner and Ronaldo Hanson are leading the project and are developing the applications of quantum teleportation.

This is the name given to the instantaneous transfer of information via quantum entanglement. It is a physical phenomenon during which the particles connect together so that affecting each other regardless of the distance they pass.

This means that they are particles that can occupy a combination of binary 1 or 0 simultaneously. The quantum internet could be a revolutionary communication technology because it will use strange phenomenon such as entanglement.

Researchers all around the world are developing a technology that enables them to share qbits between any two points on earth. These bits may have the two values “1” and “0” as in the classical bits, but also they could be tangled at the same time. “Bit” or “binary”, which is data saving and processing, in the traditional computers must be “1” or “0”, while “qubits” works through a binary quantum system that can connect between 1 and 0 simultaneously.

As a result, the quantum network has unique characteristics that will always be a long way off in comparison to the classical internet network.

According to entanglement technology, activities coordination can be done from two different points. If a hacker breaks into the stream of passing data that is being transferred through qubits, it sends “1 and 0” units into different directions, destroying the quantum information and leaves a clear signal that it’s been tampered with.

When the two separate values “1” and “0” reach their destinations, they keep their quantum communication.

This what makes quantum communications secure. The knock-on effect is impossible due to entanglement process, supporting privacy and data encryption, making data exchange more secure.



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