“Syrian Petroleum”: Starting Sea Oil and Gas Exploration

The information released by Syrian Petroleum Company confirmed that it is seeking to increase the activities of land exploration by opening new exploration areas in front of international and national companies, indicating that exploration shall start in the sea regions within Syrian regional sea borders in east of Mediterranean.

The information revealed that the company’s production amounted to 14.3 million barrels during the current year, noting that the plan is estimated at 15.3 million barrels, while the gas produced about 2.7 million cubic meters of the planned production estimated at 3.2 million cubic meters.

The information confirmed that the company has implemented the works and projects of excavation for about 14 thousand meters long out of the planned estimated at about 23 thousand meters long, from which 8502 meter long is for exploration excavation and 5519 meters long is for production excavation.

The information showcased that 7.6 billion Syrian pounds were spent on investment, 67 % of the total planned amounting to 11.4 billion Syrian pounds.

Al-Watan Newspaper



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