Counter-terrorism according to Trump

By Thierry Meyssan

The new National Strategy for Counter-Terrorism published by the White House is not expected to bring about any major changes in the fight against Jihadist organizations. If implemented, however, it will have profound consequences in the long term.

The new strategy documents a compromise worked out by President Trump with top Pentagon Generals and the General National Security Secretariat. We still remember that it was President George Bush Jr.

who has declared the global war on terror, following the September 11, 2001 attacks to distract attentions away from these atrocities which drowned New York City and Washington in mourning.  But this strategy has not helped in curtailing this menace. To the contrary of the declared objectives, terrorists acts around the  word  got constantly worse.

To put an end to this fiasco, Obama ordered the Hollywood-like theatrics of the alleged death of Osama Bin Laden, in order to reintegrate his fellow in arms within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The “Mujahedeen” who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan and in Bosnia & Herzegovina with Israeli-made weapons and under the supervision of US advisers, fought this time shoulder to shoulder with NATO troops in the ground operations both in  Libyaand later in  Syria.

What is astounding though is that the new counter-terrorism strategy has said nothing about the use by the British Intelligence MI6 of the Muslim Brotherhoods and the Nakshbandi organizations. It also mentioned nothing about  SayedQuttub’s ideology which is now spreading beyond control across the Islamic world.

It is absurd to fight the terrorist ghosts and/or the terrorist operatives without tackling the very roots of the ailment, namely the Muslim Brotherhoods ideology.

That is why Trump has preferred to modify his objective into “America First” in order to to restructure the US security forces. As he got perfectly sure that it is impossible to fight all terrorist groups spread around the world at the same time, he decided to focus only on the groups threatening or attacking US interests, with Israel  incorporated into the broader context of this new definition. Thus, he managed to put and end to all covert anti-national wars in each of Latin America, Africa and Asia. The Middle East was unfortunately excluded.

Hizbollah and Hamas were kept in the cross-hairs in order to protect Israel. But on the other hand, he lifted counter-terrorism paradigm to the rank of a national ideology. At the end of the day, Trump does not totally exclude the probability that his country might come under some sort of terrorist  attacks.

He, therefore, tasked  his security forces with the job of  predicting or foreseeing any such threat. Earlier, he has provided them with all necessary requirements to restructure and re-group their forces.

In brief, Trump is trying to keep the Pentagon busy with so many tasks away from their historically imperialist  missions. He wants the Pentagon to restore its key mission, namely to defend the US territories. This mission has not been the main preoccupation of the Pentagon.

The source:

Arabic. Translated into English by Syrianfacts.

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