How can you wake up without the help of the alarm?

Many people have trouble waking up early in the morning without resorting to the alarm clock that has an annoying voice to wake up to. With the troubles caused by the alarm clock, besides the difficulties of waking up early, it becomes increasingly important to find a way to wake up early without this annoying tool.With a set of steps, you can train your body to wake up daily at the time you want, without having to rely on the alarm clock.

According to, a person can train his body to wake up at a certain hour, through his own biological clock that determines a person’s sleepiness or activity.

To stop using the alarm clock, create a consistent system that you follow daily. For example, try to go to bed at the same time every day. But it is necessary to give your body enough sleep, as training will not work at all if the body is tired and needs more relaxation.

Most people need to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day to feel comfortable and active after waking up, so first determine the number of hours your body needs, and determine when you wake up upon that.For example, if you are used to sleeping at 11 pm, but by counting the number of hours you need, you found out that it’s necessary to sleep at 10, try to gradually sleep earlier.

In the first week, go to your bed at 10:45 and in the second week at 10:30 am, and so till you sleep at ten.An hour before you go to sleep , try to prepare yourself to sleep, through a system or activities that help you relax, such as bathing, reading a book or meditation, making sure you turn off electronic devices and lights.Whenever you feel that you are about to sleep, remind yourself of the hour you want to wake up, to prepare your body for it.

However, if you are an “addict” to use the alarm clock, it is recommended to try these steps before your holiday, to experience the impact on you.



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