Daily Archives: Wednesday November 21st, 2018

Research on Origin of Peoples (2) – Khazaria

Khazars established a vast empire in Asia located between the Caspian Sea and Lake Van in the Southeast of Turkey, from the Black Sea to Kiev, present-day capital of Ukraine, and from Aral Sea to Hungary. Khazars laid its foundations in Eastern Europe. Xazar was derived from the root Qaz– which came from Gaz, the ancient Turkic word derived from ...

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Warning of the Spread of Black Mirror-style Brain Implants

Electrical implants that are being used to help sufferers of Parkinson’s disease will one day be advanced enough to steal memories, Oxford researchers have found. As the technology develops and knowledge of how memories are formed increases, experts are growing concerned this could allow hackers to manipulate people. People will be able to record and enhance memories in five years, ...

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