Syrian pilot Adib Al-Jarf: “Braver we are; more coward our enemy would be”

Syrian pilot AdibAjeebAl-Jarf – who had downed seven aircraft of the Israeli enemy in the war of October – was born in “Salamiyah” on 6/5/1946 , from his immortal words:

  • The most beautiful moment in my life, and the life of any human being,is when you hit the bull’s eye of your goal. For me, this moment was when I pulled the trigger and downed the Israeli Phantom landed on Beirut ,a plane that was part of a convoy aimed at bombing Damascus , thus thwarting the Israel plans”.

  • Some were living the illusion that Syrian aviation cannot confront the American phantom. It was the latest warplane at the time. When the battle was launched with the will of Syria, I felt how powerful we are. I cannot describe the enemy of being coward, nor can I say that it had super powers like Arabs have thought for years, I will just say a phrase that summarizes the truth of what we did in the October War: “Our enemy is as cowardly as we are brave.”

  • Each plane I dropped was taped on a filmin my plane, two French-made Mirags and five Phantom F4s, two of which were dropped over (Ramle al-Bayda) in Beirut and the second on (Beirut-Bikfaya) road, Phantom in Arabic means (Stealth or mirage) but the Syrian pilot was the cyclone who couldbroke this mirage.”



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