Making Amends worth Heaven

A woman passed by a crazy man holding a stick and drawing on the land. She felt pity for him and asked him:

What are you doing? He said: I draw Heaven and divide it to pieces. She smiled at him and said: can I take a piece of it? How much is it? He looked at her and said: yes, I need 20 Rial only.

The woman gave 20 Rial and some food to the crazy man and she went on her way. At that night, she saw that she is in Heaven. In the morning, she told her husband about her dream and what happened between her and the crazy man.

So the husband immediately went to the crazy man to buy a piece of land. He said to the crazy man: I want to buy a piece of Heaven, how much is it?  The crazy man said: it is not for sale. The man replied with surprise: yesterday, you sold a piece to my wife at 20 Rials!!!

The crazy man said: your wife was buying Heaven for 20 Rials, but she was making amends to me, whereas you are just asking for Heaven, and heaven has no specified price because entering it can be possible through “making amends”.


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