Europe is turning against Trump’s Policy on Idlib!!

Shahir Shahidsaless believes that the move by the EU key players, in the absence of the United States, is a clear indication that they are departing from US policy on Syria, with Washington insisting that the war is not over until its conditions are met.

This comes in the aftermath of France and Germany joined Russia and Turkey, the two major players in Syria beside Iran, to seek a lasting solution to the Syrian conflict.

The “priority” at the Istanbul summit, as French President Emmanuel Macron explained, was the situation in Idlib, the last Syrian rebel stronghold.

The joint statement of the summit called for a “lasting ceasefire” in Idlib, as “Idlib” has a great importance for Europe.

According to the writer, the Europeans interest in Idlib relates to their own security issues.They do not want a new flood of refugees, which could include militant fighters, pouring into Europe.

An all-out war in Idlib could trigger another refugee crisis, likely followed by another wave of terrorist attacks in Europe.

Idlib is already a humanitarian catastrophe, home to vast camps of displaced people enduring brutal poverty.

More than 1.6 million people in the province depend on food aid, according to the World Health Organization.

In response to critics condemning her open-door policy, Merkel said that “simply sealing ourselves off will not solve the problem.” Merkel argued that Europe had to tackle the causes of the migration crisis by working for peace in Syria.

“Middle East Eye” Website, in which the article was published, concludes by stating that Europe’s push for stability in the region, in opposition to US policy, is partly rooted in humanitarian concern but even more strongly rooted in the Europeans’ goal of avoiding more chaos spilling over into Europe.



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