Daily Archives: Thursday November 29th, 2018

An ideological conflict

By Thierry Meyssan Several foreign countries have circulated some peace proposals for peace in Syria. But, unfortunately, all of these proposals were based on false analysis of the conflict. Their analysis was wrongfully based on the NATO war propaganda. So, they erroneously considered it a sort of a “civil war”, overlooking the fact that similar wars have started 17 years ...

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The Kornet missile that destroyed the Zionist bus explains the incensed war against Syria.

The Russian Kornet missile, which destroyed the Israeli soldiers’ bus, eloquently explains the reason behind theWahhabism war against Syria in the last eight years . Yes, these precision laser guided missiles, which Hezbollah defied the difficulties and horrors in order to get them from Syria to the Qassam Brigades in Gaza Explains why the fools burned Hezbollah flags in the ...

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