The Kornet missile that destroyed the Zionist bus explains the incensed war against Syria.

The Russian Kornet missile, which destroyed the Israeli soldiers’ bus, eloquently explains the reason behind theWahhabism war against Syria in the last eight years .

Yes, these precision laser guided missiles, which Hezbollah defied the difficulties and horrors in order to get them from Syria to the Qassam Brigades in Gaza Explains why the fools burned Hezbollah flags in the first strife in March 2011.

None of Hezbolla’s fightershas come to Syria until more than two years after the events began and after the repeated Saudi attempts to strike the party in Lebanon with suicide bombings throughout 2013.

This missile also tells the story of Netanyahu’s reception of the wounded of al-Nusra Front in his hospitals, taking memorial photos with them and paying them monthly salaries with weapons and ammunition, as revealed by the Wall Street Journal and Haaretz in their investigation in June 2016 …

If Syria gave up resistance and stopped the artery of life from Tehran to the southern suburb of Beirut,the west would have granted President Bashar al-Assad a Nobel Peace Prize, and the Gulf’s greedy hunters of oil and gas wouldn’t have dared to remove the seat of Syria from their desperate university …

Yes, that’s why they launched their dirty war on Syria and spent hundreds of billions on it. Syria was the only one that by the men of Godsent to the Palestinians somethingto defend themselves with against the deadly weapons, while the Arabs of betrayal and humiliation only sent them coffins and caskets…

Then comes an ignorant fool blinded by grudge to tell you that Syria has not fired a single shot at Israel since the war of October!!.

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