An ideological conflict

By Thierry Meyssan

Several foreign countries have circulated some peace proposals for peace in Syria. But, unfortunately, all of these proposals were based on false analysis of the conflict.

Their analysis was wrongfully based on the NATO war propaganda. So, they erroneously considered it a sort of a “civil war”, overlooking the fact that similar wars have started 17 years ago in Afghanistan, 15 years ago in Iraq and 8 years ago in Libya.

And lately, four years ago, a similar war erupted in Yemen.

The conflict in these countries was not one waged between the peoples and their ruling governments. It was waged by foreign armies that managed to recruit local proxies exploiting the ideology of the Muslim brotherhoods.

The only difference between Syria and the other four theatres of operation is that invaders have managed to destroy the structures and the infrastructure of these four countries, except for Syria. Syria was the only country  to resist invaders, because Syria alone is a nation by herself, not only in her culture of tolerance, but also in her multi-confessional societal fabric.

Syria protects followers of all faiths. In Syria, everyone is free to practice own religion. Freedom of faith and freedom of worshipping are protected in Syria and are guaranteed for all the inhabitants living on the Syrian land.

The social mosaic of Syria is a distinctive feature of Syria defining her identity. This is the identity of Syria and this is her defensive strategy.

Peace in Syria implicitly means a resounding defeat for the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhoods. Followers of Sayed Qutub were indoctrinated to conflate Islamism with Islam and to conflate submission to the Muslim Brotherhoods Order with the obedience of God.

This intellectual deviation was not restricted to the entire Muslim World, it is widely spread now in the West, too.

Hence, peace in Syria implies an international condemnation of the Muslim Brotherhoods ideology, exactly as it was the case in 1945, when the entire world condemned Nazism.

In 1945, Axis countries sustained the worst kind of defeat. Nazism was condemned as a sort of political deviation based on Genetics and supremacy.

At the end of the war, the United Nations affirmed that all human beings are born equal and that all people are worthy of  respect.

Syria today is about to exact the same kind of resounding defeat on the terrorists. With the blood of her children, Syria proved that the Muslim Brotherhoods ideology is a mere  political deviation of the religion of Islam.

Earlier, the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mouallemrequested  the world at Geneva II  conference held in January 2014 to publicly condemn this ideology.

But none of the conferees listened to his request back then, because they had the illusion that the Syrian Arab Republic would not survive for long.

Today, everyone can conclude that  Minister al-Mouallem was perfectly right. As this destructive ideology has spread even in the West itself.

Young men would  rush to kill  innocent people in the streets because they erroneously think that  they were mounting “Jihad” for the sake of “God”.

Western governments  now have no option to rescue their peoples from the fangs of these monsters, whom they themselves have bred, other than complying with the demands of Foreign Minister Walid al-Mouallem, namely to publicly and explicitly condemn the doctrine and the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhoods.

The source: Arabic. Translated into English by Syrianfacts.

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