Daily Archives: Saturday December 1st, 2018

Do not Laugh at the InvincibleArmy, but at the Arabs who havefeared it once

What if the Israeli army were exposed to a quarter of what the Syrian army has been exposed to? Or rather exposed to one percent of the wild, indiscriminate and crazy war, where all tools of psychological warfare, techniques of psychological terrorism and propaganda campaigns were usedin all languages and by all countries, especially by the Arabs and their extremists’ ...

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No shame whatsoever!!

Quoting head of the evangelical delegation that visited KSA, Zionist media said that Ibn Salman began his meeting with the delegation by talking about two historical figures in the Middle East, the late Egyptian leader Jamal Abdel Nasser and the architect of the Iranian revolution Ayatollah Khomeini, considering them to be the ones who “destroyed the region and caused many ...

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