Do not Laugh at the InvincibleArmy, but at the Arabs who havefeared it once

What if the Israeli army were exposed to a quarter of what the Syrian army has been exposed to? Or rather exposed to one percent of the wild, indiscriminate and crazy war, where all tools of psychological warfare, techniques of psychological terrorism and propaganda campaigns were usedin all languages and by all countries, especially by the Arabs and their extremists’ media…?

If we want to be fair, 90 % of the war against the Syrian Arab Army focused on using the weapons of mass psychological destruction; in accordance with the principle of (Onassis) in business when he was asked about the project he would set upif he were given 10 million dollars.

He said,” I will spend 90% of which on advertising, and I will invest the rest in any project because convincing people of the product is what will make it profitable.

Thus, the slogans of the so-called spring and revolution were marketed as propagandafor the new products that each citizen should buy to realize his legitimacy as a good, free, and civilizedcitizen on psychological, ethical and humanlevels.

However, the media machine have intensively and deliberately assaulted the Syrian Arab Army and tried to market for defections, running away, treason, cowardice and fear as something normal for the soldier who is under attack.

Sometimes, I could not believe what I see, whereall kinds of terrorism, slaughtering, crushing and burning arefilmed with high techniquesjust for one purpose, which is to break the morale of the Syrian Army’s fighters and military personnel, terrorize them and discouraging them from fighting.

Despite all this, the Syrian soldiers continued fightingwith equanimity until things turned upside down, making the Syrian Army gains the upper hand, while the word of savages was humbled to the lowest.

If the Israeli Army – or rather the army which is the sweetheart for the chosen people and its leader  Netanyahu- is exposed to what the Syrian Army has been exposed to, it will collapse and disperse, and its soldierswill throw themselves in the Mediterranean to escape confrontation and fighting.

Each day, two facts become clear to us: the first one is that the myth of the invincible Israeli Army was not made by Israel as much as the Arabs deliberately did, where they promoted for it to justify their negligence and inaction in front of the weakest army ever.

The second fact is that the Syrian Arab soldier is the best fighter in the world.

Let us take this example of an invincible Israeli soldier who was frightened by the idea of confrontation and decided to bear all humiliation from his officer instead of exposing himself to risk.

Let me introduce you to the truth of the Israeli soldier for whom the Zionist project spent 90 % of its funds and support to market it as the invincible army.

In contrast, remember the Syrian soldier for whom the enemies spent 90% of their time, funds and Hollywood propaganda media to defeat it, but all this was in vain.

Therefore, please let me say that the Syrian soldier is the best fighter in the world and the most precious warrior in this century.


By “Naram Sargon”



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