Daily Archives: Sunday December 2nd, 2018

Letters of the Resistance and the mailbox of “Tel Aviv” ?!

According to the writer Mohammed al-Omari, “Tel Aviv” today is more like a mailbox that receives letters from The Resistance one after the other, which further exacerbates the situation despite the accelerating public campaign of normalization with the Gulf States, and the failure of US sanctions in the fulfillment of its hopes to stifle Iran. One of the most important ...

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Nano membranes Produced of Organic Molecules

Experts at the Russian Tomsk Polytechnic Institute of Physics and Technology have developed ultra-thin membranes of organic molecules placed in the gas. The thickness of such a thin membrane is 5.000 times thinner than that of a human hair, enabling scientists to design semiconductors with unique characteristics. These semiconductors not only have very thin dimensions, but also have great speed ...

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