Letters of the Resistance and the mailbox of “Tel Aviv” ?!

According to the writer Mohammed al-Omari, “Tel Aviv” today is more like a mailbox that receives letters from The Resistance one after the other, which further exacerbates the situation despite the accelerating public campaign of normalization with the Gulf States, and the failure of US sanctions in the fulfillment of its hopes to stifle Iran.

One of the most important of these messages is the liberation of those who have been abducted in As-Suwayda in a precise and qualitative military operation of the Syrian Arab Army.

From the theoretical point of view of military and security sciences, there are always losses in both sides the abductors force and the liberators force, but this liberation process was carried out without any losses; which indicates to the superiority of Syrian Arab Republic in carrying out “Commandos “operations within the Syrian geography, including the occupied territories.

While from the location perspective, this operation took place in the area of “Hamima”, which is about 42 km from “Altnf” base which Washington considered to be within the safe area of the base that is subjected to its control, and it seems that Damascus wanted to send a message to the forces of the so-called coalition; that there are no red lines in the restoration of control over the entire Syrian territory and the isolation of «Altnf» base.

The writer continues to list the letters, pointing to the manifestation of the failure of the political and military pressure of the US and the political money of Al Saud on Iraq to force it criminalize the “popular crowd” and the Iraqi resistance movements.In addition to many other letters first of which what has been confirmed by Mr.

Hassan Nasrallah about the inevitability of response to any “Israeli” aggression on Lebanon, which may not be limited to the Lebanese geography ..

And last of which was the message that was sent by Putin from Paris about the Russian refusal of reconciliation with “Netanyahu” after the dropping of the «Il 20» in Lattakia.At the end of his article the writer said that “Tel Aviv” must examine well the last two slaps: the Palestinian popular rejection of the Qatari funds and the visit of the Qatari ambassador to Gaza and adherence to the continuation of the march of return until the lifting of the siege on it, and the second slap manifested in “Gaza”, which enhanced the fragility of intelligence, security and military capabilities of the occupation’s army and the government of “Netanyahu” which is crumbling under the weight of these messages.



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