Daily Archives: Monday December 3rd, 2018

Russian newspaper reveals “behind the scenes” of the Gulf moves towards President Assad

A Russian newspaper saw that the Gulf States no longer put the legitimacy of the Syrian government at question. “NizavisimayaGazeta” newspaper said that UAE is talking with the Syrian authorities about the resumption of the work of its embassy in the Syrian Arab Republic, noting that Abu Dhabi is conducting these talks with the knowledge of the Saudi authorities.UAE diplomatic ...

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What Is Waq-Waq Lands? Why is it so called?

Waq-Waq is a group of islands mentioned in ancient Arab traditional books, and it has not been proven whether it is real or imaginary. A number of books identified its location in the Indian Ocean or in China Sea. Those islands were named so because of a type of fruit that looks like women heads with long hair, hanging on ...

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