What Is Waq-Waq Lands? Why is it so called?

Waq-Waq is a group of islands mentioned in ancient Arab traditional books, and it has not been proven whether it is real or imaginary.

A number of books identified its location in the Indian Ocean or in China Sea.

Those islands were named so because of a type of fruit that looks like women heads with long hair, hanging on the branches of the trees.

When these fruits grow up, they fall on the ground and during their fall, the air passes through their cavities producing the sound (Waq-Waq) as if a woman is shouting this way.

This was a reason behind the naming. The other reason for this strange designation is that the traveler Ibn Battuta translated the Chinese name Qu Qu into Arabic as Waq-Waq.

The Arabs called two different countries, reached by the Arab sailors, with this naming: the first country is located in the Far East; Orientalists saw a region located on the east coast of Asia, north of China.

The second was Madagascar, where the Arabs usually frequented on their way to the east coast of Africa, because it was full of gold, as mentioned.

The Arabs, including Muhammad Ibn Zakaria al-Zahawi, had long believed in the existence of this country, considering it as paradise and describing it as fantasy. They also called it “Sofala”.

Source: “Agencies”.


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