They turned their faces towards President Assad

Under this title, Said Gafurov wrote in the “Military-industrial courier” about the talks in Istanbul between Putin, Erdogan, Merkel and Macaron, that drove the Syrian opposition out of the game. Gafurov wrote:”The results of the meeting (Erdogan, Putin, Merkel and Macaron) held in Istanbul can be said to be symbolic, despite their importance.

In essence, Germany and France recognized the results of the victory in the war, the territorial integrity of Syria and the choice of the Syrian people. Although European partners have expressed reservations such as “Assad must leave,” they acknowledged the reality, saying they were joining the Astana formula for negotiations on Syria.

France and Germany join in the common efforts to normalize the situation, largely because they want to secure their interests in the postwar republic, the interests of national companies before political interests. The process of rebuilding the country is already under way.

Factories are being built, and the European business sector has an interest in participating in the process.

In Europe, they finally realized that the Syrian opposition, which they supported, had completely separated from reality and from the people, and in fact it is no longer representing anyone.Syrians are living their lives: some with the government, some against it … practicing their politics and preparing for elections, while the opposition is in its own world, receiving very good money from their foreign sponsors.

Istanbul talks came as recognition of the military victory of the Syrian people and a kind of fixation to thepolitical and economic interests of the parties.

Clausewitz once wrote that the motivation for peace can be, along with the inability to resist, or doubts about victory, the very high cost of sustaining.

The latter describes the position of Western countries, which are now joining the process of normalizing the Syrian situation. Symbolically, the negotiations were very important, unlike their content.

What was said in Istanbul that the Syrians want democracy and waiting for elections are not important. Everyone in our country and in Europe knows that Bashar al-Assad will win these elections.



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