Russia creates an alternative route to Suez Canal

Under this headline, Anna Korolyova wrote in Expert Online about a logistical revolution that Russia, India and Iran are planning to launch together, as she said:” In conjunction with the “Northern Torrent” agitation, Russia, India and Iran intend to revolutionize the world of logistics”.

Through the launch of the international “North-South” transport corridor(INSTC), Interfax reported, referring to the Iranian television channel “Press TV”, that according to calculations, the new corridor should reduce the cost and time of delivery of goods by 30- 40%,besides,cargo volume is estimated at 20-30 million tons per year.

According to Sergei Lesakov, president of the TeleTrade group at the Analytical Information Center,the INSTC project is being discussed since 20 years. The new transportation route can reduce the delivery time of goods, about twice.

However, EliaGarski, managing partner of the Veta Expert Group, says that this international project will have a significant impact on transit countries on the Suez Canal route, but will also allow other countries to earn new profits from running an alternate path.

For example, among those affected is Egypt, whose budget relies on growing revenues from the Suez Canal. Jaraski believes that the project, from a political point of view, will go under great pressure from the West.

In particular, the United States that will try to prevent its implementation, because Iran has an interest in it.

The weak link here is, of course, India, which has already been forced to abandon Iranian oil, and now will be exposed to diplomatic pressure in connection with this project.

At the same time, the project is lucrative for India and it may have enough political will to participate in it, especially as its supreme leadership has already expressed its willingness to start using the new transport corridor as soon as possible. Jaraski said that if all the concerned countries could reach an agreement quickly, then there is every reason to believe that the projectcould begin to work next year.

  • Source: RT in arabic



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