How and why did the Khazars convert to Judaism?

Written by: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

I used to think that the Jews of the Khazars make up eighty-five percent of the Jews of the contemporary world; but then the Jewish Hungarian thinker and writer Arthur Koestler asserted that the majority of the Jewish religion has spread by embracing and converting to it, not by race, and that the Khazars Jews constitute 90% of the Jews of the modern world.

This means that the vast majority of contemporary Jews are not Semites! But are Aryan ,it also means that the idea of “God’s chosen people” has fallen.

Contemporary Christians are aware of this, which relieved them of their historical and inherited pain that Jews are the killers of Christ by simply knowing the truth that they are Khazars who converted to Judaism. Anyone who wants more information about the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism can refer to Arthur’s book “The Thirteenth Tribe”.

In the historical follow-up we see that many of the Jews in the Byzantine and Islamic countries had fled to the country of the Caspian to escape the attempts of the Byzantines to baptize them or the tribute that Muslims imposed on them during the Umayyad and Abbasid states, thus finding in the quasi-empire of Khazars a salvation of their suffering, especially that the Turkish Khazars were pagan who do not care much about the issue of Heavenly religions.

As the persecution of the Byzantine emperor “Heraclius” intensified as he issued a decree that Jews should be baptized, they fled to the land of the Caspian where they had grandparents who fled there decades ago, as we have said.

On the other hand, the continuous wars between the Muslim Arabs and the Byzantine Christians drove the Khazars Turks to convert to Judaism to get away from the conflict between the Arabs and Byzantines, Khazars were not fanatics in the matter as they used to appoint two judges for he who converts to Islam from them, two judges for anyone converts to Christianity, two for who converts to Judaism and one judge for he who remains pagan.

Their time of conversion was the time of Emperor Hercules on the year 737 (some says it was the year 740 or 774 but all were said to be correct), also during the rule of the Umayyad and Abbasid states, from the days of Omar bin Abdul Aziz, to the days of Al-Rasheed.

While their cousins from the Turks – known as the Seljuks- embraced Islam, besides their cousins who are still known as Turks.

All these Turks and Seljuks had a great role in the elimination of the Abbasid caliphate and ruled the Arabs from the days of Mu’tasim to the end of the Abbasid state to their appearance in the name of the Mamluks and their appearance in the name of the Ottomans and to their contemporary appearance in the name of the Turks,and Erdogan Turks are the cousins of the Khazars Jews; the Zionist rapists of Palestine.

All in all, Zionists Turks and Erdogan Turks are all of one faction and one origin which is hostile to the Arabs.

To be continued…

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