Daily Archives: Wednesday December 5th, 2018

The Conflict between the Constants and the Feigned Factors

By: Dr. Ahmed Al-Haj Ali. Nowadays, the conflict is at its peak. Battles have been critical stages in the course of thisconflict; these stages,withall their lessons and morals,have represented themselves as a key force in forming the exit out of this crisis and in producing a pattern of equations that are impenetrable, irreversibleandnon-negotiable. Here, in the distance between the national ...

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Who doesn’t know Sami Shihab (The Porter)?

Greetings to the Lebanese fighter “Sami Shihab,” whom without him the Syrian SAM6, theIranian Fajr 5 and the Russian Kornetmissiles wouldn’t have reached the resistance to strike the strongholds of the Zionist occupation. For those who do not know how these rockets reached the hands of the resistance, ask about the son of Hezbollah and his group. Sami Hani Shehabis ...

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Scientifically proven way to remember 90% of what you learn

Students face many difficulties in remembering the lessons taught by their teachers, and these difficulties are more apparent during tests period. Each student follows a certain method in remembering the largest amount of information, but many fail to do so. What is the solution to this problem? Is there a successful method that can be adopted by students? next we ...

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