The Conflict between the Constants and the Feigned Factors

By: Dr. Ahmed Al-Haj Ali.

Nowadays, the conflict is at its peak. Battles have been critical stages in the course of thisconflict; these stages,withall their lessons and morals,have represented themselves as a key force in forming the exit out of this crisis and in producing a pattern of equations that are impenetrable, irreversibleandnon-negotiable.

Here, in the distance between the national constants and the colonial terrorist projects, Western policies are moving followed bythefutile roles of some Arab political regimes.

It has been evident that the early stages of the conflict were based on a generalized and approved rule for the hostile forces which confirms that everything must be destroyed, and thatthere is no way to succeed without destroying the Syrian homeland, and achieving the objectives of the Takfiri terrorist project.

Now, after all the merits achieved by the Syrian homeland, their rule has changed into stating that anything obtained is better than nothing, and here the factors established in the levels of conflict and rules of engagement appear,with all the complexities of these rules and their transformations from one formula to another and from one outcome to the other.

In the Syrian national position, President Bashar al-Assad summed up the basic premise where he says: “Our territory and our sovereignty are a matter of national dignity and no one is allowed to compromise any of them”.

We directly note that the intellectual, political and linguistic formula in this passage confirms the decisive role of the resistance in this conflict, and states in a deterrent way that it is forbidden for any person, entity or organization to abuse the values of the homeland in a wayof compromising or prejudice to the essence.

The hostile sides are not aware of the contents and values of such facts, because they used to build their position on the particulars of the firmphysical strength and on collectingagents and tools from all around the world.

Furthermore, some of the intrusionsin this project within the nationhave deludedthem that the next steps will provide a space that can be widened militarily, politically and socially.

Hence, the battles brought the project’s restoration of the Syrian national constants.

Accordingly, this led to the decline of the hostile project and the defeat of its implicit or explicit tools while the Syrian homeland expanded owing to its constants that know no bounds until we reached, with the world, to the threshold of the final steps to achieve the full and decisive victory.

The moral of these eventslies in the adoption of legitimate values and rights, as well as national and patriotic constants as principles and fundamentalsto get into each military battle and to interact with each initiative or opinion proposed to mark up the way to solution.

At this point, we note that the hostile forces resorts to added or feigned factors in the form of deception, deceit and fraud.

While the Syrian homeland remained – along with its people, armed forces, leadership, allies and partners in the area of human constants.

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