Scientifically proven way to remember 90% of what you learn

Students face many difficulties in remembering the lessons taught by their teachers, and these difficulties are more apparent during tests period. Each student follows a certain method in remembering the largest amount of information, but many fail to do so.

What is the solution to this problem? Is there a successful method that can be adopted by students? next we will explain to you a scientifically proven way to remember by heart 90% of what you learn! Yes, there is a scientifically proven method that we will be explained in the following paragraph.

A study conducted by experts in the early sixties (1960) proved that the best way to learn and to memorize what is learned is not by being present during the lesson explanation, or by concentrating and listening to lectures in the classroom, nor by writing down information and explanation, but it’s by applying what is learned and using all the special skills that you learned Or by teaching it to others. To explain this study more, here are some of the methods that are used in the learning process, as well as the percentages of what is remembered by using them:

  • Lectures: 5% of each lecture is remembered.

  • Reading: 10% of what is read is remembered.

  • Videos: 20% of any video being watched is remembered.

  • Direct demos: 30% of anyseen demo is remembered.

  • Discussions: 50% of any discussion we participate in is remembered.

  • Apply what you learn: 70% is remembered after applying what is learned.

  • Apply what you learn directly or teach what you learned to others: 90% of it is remembered.

The last method is the most successful and most effective way to remember or memorize almost everything that you learn. It can be used in all areas of learning, such as learning a language or learning certain programming, so we recommend you not to waste your time and energy while trying to memorize information by writing them many times, instead, try to teach everything you learn to others, and be confident that you will find yourself memorizing by heart everything you learned, this method no doubt will be used more than often in the future.

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