Who doesn’t know Sami Shihab (The Porter)?

Greetings to the Lebanese fighter “Sami Shihab,” whom without him the Syrian SAM6, theIranian Fajr 5 and the Russian Kornetmissiles wouldn’t have reached the resistance to strike the strongholds of the Zionist occupation.

For those who do not know how these rockets reached the hands of the resistance, ask about the son of Hezbollah and his group.

Sami Hani Shehabis a Lebanese whose real name is (Mohammed Yousef Ahmed Mansour).

He and his group -affiliated with Hezbollah -were assigned to deliver weapons to the resistance movements in Gaza and train them on it.

The mission was successful, as the rockets were disassembled and ready to be transported from Sudan to the Sinai Desert so then Sami and his group can reassemble them and send them to Gaza through tunnels.

He was arrestedin 2009 by the Egyptian authorities alongside his group and (17) Egyptians who were helping him, back then the media called the case “Hezbollah cell” . His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah called him “the porter” because heand his group used to carry the rockets on their shoulders, and today we see the “luggage” he carried falling in the heart of occupied Palestine.

Long live the “dark knights” whom without them we wouldn’t have seen the heroic acts made today by the hands of the resistance fighters in Palestine.

A piece of advice to the Arabs: Know your real enemy and do not listen to the sounds of the bubbles that want to convince you that Iran and Hezbollah are your enemies and that by the fall of Syria the  Arabic nation will triumph.

Note: The Porter managed to escape from prison in 2011 during the chaos in Egypt and the opening of prisons, and returned to Lebanon. Today the Kingdom of Al Saud classified him as a “terrorist” and is on its lists of terrorism!!



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