Daily Archives: Thursday December 6th, 2018

The Origin of Peoples (5)-Khazars

We are still talking about ancient- contemporaryKhazars ..! We talked about them before their Judaism and during their Judaism and we stood at the Zionist historian “Arthur Koestler ” and his book “the thirteenth tribe” that refers to the Khazars who converted to Judaism, which is dangerous for the Jews as we mentioned. Now we must go back with the ...

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The Psychological Warfare & the Fifth Column

Mind-control, psychological warfare and demoralization tactics to overpower enemies and control their behavior to serve own agendas and desires have all been too well-known and in practice for ages now. Although psychological warfare is so old,  the term itself was not put into use until the Second World War. In definition, the psychological warfare is the deliberate use of  certain ...

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